Ellie Louise

Thoughts from the funeral from a friend

on January 9, 2013

panarama funeral

Some thoughts from last Monday

a tiny white casket

sobbing breaths of a mother

agonized breath that opened up her entire being and brought forth life just a few short months ago

the same breath willing life back into tiny frailty

a little body so loved giving up the fight

her blood poured out and replaced with embalming fluid

“why” hangs in the air

thoughts turn to a Savior, blood poured out to preserve us for all eternity

breaking voice of the pastor

the Lord is still a stranger to some brought to hear the GOOD NEWS-

forgiveness of sin through His blood

and for those whom the Lord IS  breath-God causes all things to work together for good-

told to those on the way to death for daring to breathe out the truth

a little princess, more alive now than ever

a family following Jesus until they fly away with their last breath

a New Year to remember life is like a vapor, here for a moment then vanishing-a mere breath

let everything that has breath praise the Lord

– Roshelle Wagner


3 responses to “Thoughts from the funeral from a friend

  1. Love you, love Roshelle.

  2. Monica says:

    Beautiful words of remembrance …

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