Ellie Louise

Please pray fervently for Ellie

on December 22, 2012

Quick update on Ellie –

Merry Christmas

Ellie has been coming down with a cold all week. 12-9-12 - ECL

In addition she has been struggling with constipation. Because she doesn’t have the muscle strength to push effectively, it wears her out. The result yesterday was that every time she tried to have a bm she stopped breathing.

After taking her to the pediatrician, we confirmed that she does not bronchitis or something in her lungs.

Her brain just seems to be forgetting to trigger her breathing after she bears down. We have been helping her get started breathing again by re-positioning her and giving her some breaths.

Right now we are trying to feed her, to keep her hydrated.

Please pray for the following:

  • That Ellie would get stronger.
  • That we would be able to get her back on her regular feedings.
  • That she would be completely healthy and get rid of this cold.
  • That we could get her on the right medications to make bowel movements easy for her.
  • That she would breathe.
  • For comfort for our other children and for their hearts if Ellie continues to get weaker.
  • For Chris and I to walk through this with grace and love.
  • That we could keep our little girl. 12-22-12 tag

Thank you.

Charlotte & Chris



7 responses to “Please pray fervently for Ellie

  1. Kelly E. says:

    praying. Love to all of you.

  2. Carolyn Gaydon says:

    Praying for the entire family

  3. Zoe Howard says:

    Oh Charlotte! Praying for you all. It was so good to get to meet Ellie the other night. She is a precious girl.

  4. linda smith says:

    Am praying for your precious little Ellie…….and for all the sweet Cushmans…….Did not know about her arrival, till just a bit ago………and she is on my heart at all times…..lifting you all high!
    Love, Linda Smith

  5. Susan says:

    Praying with you

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