Ellie Louise

Ellie’s sister’s birthday 12-12-12

on December 12, 2012

Well some of you may know that Ellie has a few siblings. Well 7 to be exact.

Boy – Girl – Girl – Boy – Boy – Girl – Boy – Girl is the order.

Today is is # 2 girl’s birthday.

Talley is eleven today!

And what a sweet girl she is! Her birthday is timed just right to be in the middle of every holiday rush there is… but this year we are determined to make it count!

Happy birthday Tal!





with susan


with ellie 2







7 responses to “Ellie’s sister’s birthday 12-12-12

  1. Michelle says:

    Happy Birthday, Talley!

  2. Jan says:

    Such a precious family! Happy birthday, Talley!

  3. Susan Haas says:

    Happy Birthday Talley! I hope your special day goes wonderfully.

  4. Heather Breeland says:

    Happy, Happy Birthday from the Breeland gang, Talley! Hope you have a GREAT day!

  5. Rose's says:

    Happy Birthday Talley!!! From all the Rose’s. May you enjoy every minute of it.
    Give Ellie a hug from us.

  6. May says:

    Happy Birthday Talley! You are growing into such a beautiful young woman.

  7. Jonelle says:

    A very, very HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Talley! I pray it is as special as you are!!!!!

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