Ellie Louise

11-26-12 Update

on November 26, 2012

I hope that all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Our family certainly did, as it was filled with friends, family and thankfulness for all that the Lord has done for us over this past year and especially in the last several months.

We were so glad to have Zach home for the week… and finally were able to get through some of the goodies being stored up in our freezer!

Brooke did get strep this past week but is on the mend… and no one else has gotten sick since last Wednesday… so I am thankful for that. Talley completely recovered from her bout with strep and the doctor does not think she is a carrier.

Ellie turned two months old last Monday. It is hard to believe that she wasn’t expected to even be born ~ So thankful to the Lord for giving her life.

This morning she hit 5 pounds 10 oz! Wow! Stephanie promised that she was going to bake a cake for the children when Ellie hits 6 lbs so here is her warning!

Ellie’s cold is almost completely gone… thank you so much for praying for her to be healed from it. It was very scary at times to hear her struggling against the congestion while she was eating… and she had a lot of spitting up episodes during this time. However God is so faithful and helped us to walk through it… and it certainly drove home how fragile her life is.

Her feedings are going much better over the last several days now that the worst of the cold is over. It is amazing that something that is so small for us can be devastating for her. But now that she is doing better,  I am very hopeful that she will continue to gain weight and strength. She is also much more awake now and does not sleep as much… another praise.

I have been reminded so much how I want the easy way instead the hard way….. but I am glad that God chooses and not me. I am so thankful for the “difficulty” because it has been the source of much joy, solidarity in our family, and opportunity.

Prayer Requests –

  • Please continue to pray for Ellie’s feedings that she would be able to tolerate them, that she would not spit up, that she would not struggle to breathe during them.
  • Could you pray for me in regard to our homeschooling that I would be diligent, consistent and trusting in the Lord. Will you also pray that I would be able to reestablish our Bible time in the morning as a part of school. We have been on survival mode… and I know that to flourish that I need to also be talking to the children about Scripture apart from our personal devotions. Also that I would have time to work on progress reports this week.
  • Chris has an appointment for his elbow on Thursday. We are hopeful that he will be able to start physical therapy soon. He did have a breakthrough on his range of motion this weekend… being able to bend his arm in further than he has since the accident. Not extremely dramatic BUT progress! Please pray for complete healing for him, that he will be able to return to full duty soon, and that he will not need any more surgery. Also that his doctor would take the x-rays he needs while he is there. He loves his job and appreciates how good they have been to him… he wants to get back on the road where he belongs!
  • Ellie has an appointment on the 4th in Charleston… please pray that the doctors would clear us to be able to go to church after that appointment. I can’t wait to see all of you and fellowship with you!
  • Also that we would not have any more sickness.

Thank you so much for loving us through this time…..

Charlotte and Chris


3 responses to “11-26-12 Update

  1. charlynn says:

    Thank you for the updates. We continue to pray. Let us know if you need anything.

  2. Jamey says:

    Isn’t it wonderful the accomplishments that you never thought would arrive. Paitynn is now over 9 lbs and it seemed to take forever. She continues to smile more all the time and even giggles a little. Her eleven month birthday will be here on the 10th. I am so greatful for being able to participate in her life and accomplishment. And to think I never heard of Trisomy 18 until she was born. Praying for your family and Ellie’s continued success. If the day gets you down a little just stare into that brave little face and it will all seem worth every minute.

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