Ellie Louise

Life is Precious

on November 15, 2012

Praying through the night for Ellie again made me realize how precious life is.

Thanking the Lord for each breath she takes…

Each moment we have.

Ellie has gotten a cold and it is pretty mild… but while she is eating she struggles with the extra congestion.

Please pray that her little body would completely heal from this and that our home would be full of well children.

Talley and Tag and I have colds.

Brooke, Talley and Tag have a cough.

Talley also has strep.

Thanking Him in advance for all He is doing and will do and praising Him that none of us are seriously ill. THANK YOU Lord.



4 responses to “Life is Precious

  1. Jonelle says:

    Such sweet pictures…will keep you all in my prayers! (((hugs)))

  2. suzan chase says:

    I agree with Jonelle, the pictures are beautiful. We will be praying fervently for healing for everyone and protection for Ellie Louise. Love, Suzan

  3. charlynn says:

    We are praying for healing for you all. Thank you for sharing these precious pics with us. You are blessed.

  4. Praying for the entire family. Hoping you will all be well and happy for Thanksgiving Day although it seems every day is one of thanksgiving for you. You are blessed.

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