Ellie Louise

Off the Vent!

on November 6, 2012

Thank you to all of you who prayed throughout the afternoon and night yesterday.

It was a much longer day than we initially thought it would be, but we are very grateful for everyone in persevering in prayer for sweet Ellie.

It is difficult for me to update via email or blog more than once a day… but I am usually able to text quick updates via Facebook from my phone when I cannot use a computer. Please feel free to message me and friend me on Facebook if you would like to get updates that way.

Recap from yesterday ~

Dr. Cina put in a g-tube to replace the ng-tube for feedings. It was successful, but took longer than expected because little Ellie has a sweet, but little tummy. So placement was challenging. Then the doctor took some extra time to check how her feeding would work by shooting some dye in there to check for reflux. Sure enough Ellie is VERY refluxy wheb she is fed in a flat position. So it just means we need to continue what we have already been doing for feedings. Incline, incline, incline.

Dr. Stec was in and out with his procedure for her ureter seal. Worked great.

Little Miss Ellie did not want to wake up from anesthesia. Hard to believe that she would be a little bit worn out after all that? So after trying to get her ready to be extubated for 45 minutes… they called it a day in the OR and sent her up to the PICU for the night with a plan to extubate her in the morning.

But God had another plan… he brought a attending doctor to the PICU last night… and all of Ellie’s stuff looked good and she was fighting mad about the tube down her throat… so they extubated last night. This kept her from being sedated again to be able to calm her down through the night. That could have started another cycle of “can this baby come off the vent?” The Lord’s timing is perfect.

This morning Ellie looks beautiful with just a bit of oxygen.

Today’s plan is transfer from the PICU to the regular pediatric ward with a couch of my own:)

  • Please pray that her breathing would continue to be strong.
  • That we would learn how to use the g-tube today and that she would have some successful feedings.
  • That she would stay healthy.
  • That I would stay healthy.
  • That we would be able to come home tomorrow.
  • For the doctors, nurses and staff here for their safety, and spiritual wellness. That the Lord would protect them and bless them.
Thank you everyone!

2 responses to “Off the Vent!

  1. God is just SO amazing. We prayed in faith, believing and He answered. May He continue to bless the entire family

  2. Will Eckrich says:

    Hey you guys, I’ve been praying for quite a while and Dad has been keeping me in the loop. May God continue to do His work and know if you need anything, please let me know.

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