Ellie Louise

Surgery Re-Scheduled for Monday

on November 2, 2012

Thank you all for praying this afternoon – your prayers were answered!

Our pediatrician checked Ellie this afternoon at Beaufort Pediatrics and could not find anything wrong with her that would keep her from having surgery on Monday.

Her temperature rectally was 97.9. Her lungs were clear, ears were fine and her throat was good.

We look forward to going to MUSC on Monday. We are supposed to check in at 12:30.

Please pray that we will all be healthy, that Ellie will continue to be healthy and that it would be clear that surgery is supposed to go through before we leave for Charleston.

Please pray for the well-being and health of the team that will be caring for Ellie at the hospital. We don’t know the spiritual state of anyone who will be caring for her.. but we love all of these people dearly. Please pray that the Lord will speak to the hearts of those who don’t know Him and that they will know Him. Please pray for protection for each of these people and that they would be blessed.

I ask that we would have a smooth trip to Charleston on Monday and that the timing of everything would go well.  Chris has a doctors appointment that same afternoon in Mt. Pleasant with his surgeon.

And again that we would have wisdom in the days ahead.

Thank you all!

Chris and Charlotte


5 responses to “Surgery Re-Scheduled for Monday

  1. May the Lord reveal Himself to any of those caring for Ellie that do not know him! I believe He will, and I believe He can use you to bring them to a knowledge of the truth through the Spirit’s power and through Jesus! May the Lord graciously heal Ellie all up and cause a successful surgery!

  2. Summer weston says:

    Charlotte- praying for your family and sweet sweet Ellie. If you ever need ANYTHING while you guys are in Charleston, please don’t hesitate to let us know!

  3. mjunipers says:

    I am praying for little Ellie! My name is Jen and I am Megan Haley Molinari’s sister and work in the pediatric medical profession. My heart and thoughts are with your family and Ellie as she nears surgery :)

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