Ellie Louise

Weekend Update

on October 27, 2012

Minnie Mouse by Aunt Nancy!

What a great week!

I want to especially tell everyone that God has been so good to make this the best homeschooling fall ever! With a hospitalization and three surgeries in our family over the last 5 weeks… you would think that we would be having the biggest set backs ever…. but because our dear friends have been so FIRM and DILIGENT with me… not to allow my pridefulness to rule me… we have gotten the help that we have needed and have continued to school through everything. Staying home… and not having outside projects and responsibilities does really help as well.

Thank you so much everyone!

Ellie continues to grow. And grow. And grow!

She was up to 5 lbs and 1 and half ounces… and that was Thursday’s weigh in! I didn’t get a chance to weigh her Friday because we had to fumigate for fleas… so we were homeless for a few hours…. the good news was that the kids got to play at the Waterfront Park, but the bad news was that when the opportunity to weigh (and actually make a blog post too!) passed it passed for the day.

We still don’t have an appointment… but I did pray specifically for the timing of this surgery… and I take this as God arranging the timing perfectly. We honestly do not want her to have this surgery until she is ready to fly through it, wake up, breathe on her own and then come home! So we will wait on the Lord.

Yummy yummy meals this week. Visits from the nurse, social workers and helpers. Chris is doing well… please continue to pray for his complete healing in regard to his elbow. Brooke is walking like a champ in her boot.

Susan has been helping me with Ellie’s baths, weighing her, massaging her, rubbing her down with lavender baby stuff and getting her ready for the day… especially picking out outfits.

All of the kids take turns watching her! Brooke and her friend Amelia bought her a sweet set of onesies. I love seeing the children love each other and their special little sister!

Her ng tube has been holding up great… thanks for praying about that… and please continue to pray that it will stay in place until her surgery.

Prayer requests for this weekend are that we would cling to the Lord and His promises, love our children, discipline them…. and encourage them in their faith.

That Ellie would grow in strength and be a testimony to those around us.

That she would continue to breathe well.

That she would learn to swallow and to eat on her own.

That she would gain strength in her neck and continue to have muscle tone and improve in her tone.

That Ellie would be safe and illness free.

Love to everyone!

Chris and Charlotte

5 responses to “Weekend Update

  1. Ellie’s little cheeks are filling out. She’s so cute Glad to hear Brooke’s doing well with the boot. The children reflect the love they have received.

  2. I noticed the cute cheeks too- that is SO great! Glad to hear that Brooke and Mr. Incredible are doing well. Loved that trumpet this morning:)

  3. melissa says:

    We are continuing in our prayer for your family. So glad to hear things are going well with your school year. The Lord is faithful!

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