Ellie Louise


on October 23, 2012

Our appointment went well yesterday and the trip was a success. We didn’t have any problems with feedings on the road or providing milk… all answered prayer!

We loved our new doctor. He is very supportive of our wish to give Ellie a chance, just as we would give any child we had without her diagnosis. He pointed out all of the positive things that she is doing right now and is supportive of doing the surgery to place the g-tube and correct her kidney issue. He also scheduled us to see him in a few months for a follow up.

The LORD is so good!

We are now able to sleep quite a lot during the night as Ellie is not having any incidents of reflux or spitting up. We keep her elevated well almost all the time and we believe that helps quite a bit. Also she is just plain getting stronger!

We are so thankful for all of you who are praying… and we ask that you continue to ask for God’s mercy on Ellie’s life. Pray for her to continue to breathe on her own, to learn to swallow well, to grow. Also we would like you to pray about her upcoming surgery that she would be able to go under anesthesia with no problem and be able to be intubated and extubated with no problem and immediately be able to breathe on her own again.

The doctor thinks that if all goes well after the surgery that we will be able to bring Ellie to church about a month later. I know I can’t wait to get back!

Thank you for the help, the meals, and your generous gifts that are so appreciated. We love all of you!

Chris and Charlotte


2 responses to “10-23-12

  1. Lisa O'Brien says:

    Awesome news Char! God is good.

  2. I have never met you or any of your family but had your blog forwarded to me and have since followed Ellie’s progress. I used to work as MUSC Children’s Hospital as a respiratory therapist and know the challenges you are facing. Your blog is such a testimony of God’s goodness and love. Would like to know if Zach is your child or another family member. We have your family on our prayer list at Zion Baptist Church here in Walterboro. I have shared Ellie’s story and the wonderful Christian testimony of the blog with my friends as an example of the blessings that come in tough times when we “let go and let God”. Love in Christ, Carolyn Gaydon

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