Ellie Louise


on October 22, 2012

Good morning everyone –

We are going to MUSC today for several appointments.

Ellie did very well over the weekend and we have keep her hands away from her ng tube successfully.

Today we are going to to see the neurologist. This particular doctor has other patients who have Trisomy 18, so we are excited to meet him and see what he has to say about Ellie. We also hope that he will have some concrete things that we can do for her, to help her grow and develop to the best of her ability.

We know that God has a special plan for her and for our family through this.. and we are thankful for your prayers.

PRAISE ~ Ellie reached 5 lbs this morning!

Today could you especially pray for our other children as we are away from them again. We are hopeful that we will be able to settle into more of a routine. Please pray that our focus would be on the Lord and that we would not be distracted by the urgent.

Please pray that I would be able to continue to keep up my milk supply while being away all day.. and that we would be able to keep up with Ellie’s feedings while away from the house.

That we would be have a safe trip to and from Charleston.

That the children would have a good day and that their caregivers would be blessed by being in our home.

Thank you everyone!

Chris and Charlotte


2 responses to “10-22-12

  1. Stephanie says:

    She looks so good in the pic. She us so beautiful. Thank you Lord for answering so many prayers in the way that You have.We know You know best and are so thankful You have worked things the way You have. Please continue to let this precious family feel Your presence. Amen

  2. charlynn says:

    Praying you get all the answers you seek and all goes well with all the kids. I am thankful and praising God for Ellie’s weight gain and that you were able to get in to see doctor so fast. Cant wait to hear all that he has to share. God is sooo good!

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