Ellie Louise

10-11-12 Update

on October 11, 2012

Sorry my update is late this morning… but I am learning on this journey that when I miss a window of opportunity to do something – that opportunity is gone. I am learning to let go. I don’t think I have ever really done that before.

I have always been a person full of things to do and places to be. But I flitted from one thing to the next and juggled my home responsibilities around whatever my new cause or project was. It is new to me to have something to do at home that cannot be set aside and must be handled no matter what.

I do not feel tied down at all. I love being here. I love serving in this way and am glad of the opportunity to use my gifts, talents and abilities in such a way. Thank you Lord again.. because You know best.

Thank you to all of you who have asked how Brooke is doing. She did have a rough afternoon. She was in a lot of pain. Late last night she improved dramatically and has been doing great since. Please pray for her foot to completely heal and for her to be able to get back to swim practice (and walking without crutches) soon:)

I Thessalonians 5:18 – In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

Prayer Requests

  • Ellie’s little eyes are gunky today. Please pray that she will not get sick and that she will continue to be healthy and well. Please pray for her lungs to be clear and for her breathing to continue to do well. The nurse is coming by this afternoon – so I will be sure of her health for the morning report:)
  • I have been able to set up her feeding in her new AWESOME infant seat that is made for preemies. She does very well in this elevated position, and it frees me up while she eats. Her feeds each take an hour, so it really does help. Please pray that her swallowing reflex would improve and that she would have no problem with swallowing at all. She has been spitting up very little. We are hopeful that this will eventually lead to her not refluxing at all. What a blessing it would be if she didn’t spit up at all… and if she did.. if she could easily tolerate it. Please pray that the Lord would allow this for her. What a major obstacle that would be for us to overcome. And the added plus? She already sleeps very well…. we could sleep too!
  • On a family note – we have had a lot of surgeries lately. Chris will have surgery on Tuesday. We are hopeful that this will be his final surgery on his elbow and that it will usher in the world of “full range of motion” for him. He is anxious to get right back to physical therapy after this surgery. Our prayer is that he will shortly thereafter be “on the road.” If any of you are in law enforcement, you will know exactly how happy he will be when that happens:) Please pray for a smooth, successful and non-eventful surgery. Please pray for our kind friend who be taking him, for our family as we handle our new busy schedule without him, for his very swift recovery and return home.
  • Fitting in school work is something we would like to do more fully next week. Could you please ask the Lord to give me the ability to get my ducks in a row with each child’s assignments?
  • I ask for you to lift up Zachariah while he is away from home. He is doing well, but he has a difficult course load. Along all the additional pressures at The Citadel, it has been a very challenging semester. We are praying that he will be able to maintain a 3.0 average to keep his scholarship. Could you pray for him whenever you think of him too?
Thank you for continuing to pray for our family. This afternoon will be very busy with several appointments here at our home. But Michele Norman has arranged for a sweet friend to come help me and I am very hopeful of sneaking in a nap! Because we are taking shifts at night sleeping… having someone come in the afternoon has quickly proved to be a must-have for right now. I am so appreciative to everyone who has volunteered to come help me in the afternoons so that I can get some things done and to get a much needed nap before night shift! Also the meals have been a wonderful blessing… not only because of our time… but because they are so good! 

Love to you all…..


Chris and Charlotte



2 responses to “10-11-12 Update

  1. Jonelle says:

    I hope it is ok…I added you and your precious family to the prayer list at my brother’s church in Texas. They are prayer warriors and have prayed us through so many things. Know you are in our prayers. (((hugs)))

  2. sensiblemom says:

    OF COURSE! Thank you so much Jonelle:) Love you .. char

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