Ellie Louise

10-10-12 Update

on October 10, 2012

Had a great day on Tuesday – Everyone must have been praying!

Two wonderful answers to prayers yesterday as well… a pump to borrow so I don’t need to rent anymore… and a baby scale to borrow. Wonderful!

Also… everyone has been so generous with food, gifts and cards… so encouraging and so appreciated. Thank you.

Ellie had lots of great sleep yesterday. She got to see her nurse and social worker yesterday… we are so impressed with the kindness and supportiveness of our hospice team. They are firmly committed to graduating Ellie OUT of their program.

Ellie has gained 1.5 ounces from her pediatricians visit last Thursday:) Our hope is that she will gain between .5 ounce to .75 ounce each day. Please agree with us in prayer on that!

Other Prayer Requests are –

  • Continued protection from illness for our whole family and a bubble of protection around Ellie.
  • Continued growth for Ellie.
  • We have several different options on the ng tube taping that have been offered as solutions. That we would be able to make one of these work. 
  • Continued correct placement of the ng tube and that it would last until we go back for the g-tube. 
  • Wisdom as to when to take Ellie back for the g-tube and kidney surgery.
  • For our scheduling to continue to work well.
  • Brooke’s foot surgery today.
  • That we would catch any incidents of spit-up and be able to suction Ellie and re-position her.

Thank you so much for your prayers!

Love to you –

Chris and Charlotte


One response to “10-10-12 Update

  1. charlynn says:

    HAd Brooke on my mind all day. Hope all went well for her and you all. SO happy to hear all that God has been doing. I rejoice with you that Ellie will be graduated out of hospice one day-hopefully soon. Love ya

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