Ellie Louise

So Under Water Yesterday!

on October 9, 2012

Note to self – When you think you can handle everything… the Lord reminds you who is really in control!

The first day back to “normal” was anything but:) Feedings, cello,  phone calls, school (yes a little bit… and Magic School Bus counts right Cathy B.?) a doctors appointment, swim team (okay… that part was great!) and very little sleep… do not a happy momma make! I will say that several people came to my rescue with little notice.. and we had a fabulous meal that everyone loved  … ham – mac & cheese, fruit, rolls, green beans, corn, pound cake… COMFORT FOOD HEALS… and of course the General directed my attention back to the ONE whose mercies are new every morning… thank you my Lord Jesus. So it was a great day… in retrospect:)

But enough about me:)

Ellie did great yesterday. She managed a car ride… her brothers and sisters and that cranky mom person. She ate well, she breathed well and she endured another taping of her ng tube. That thing is waging war against us! She slept wonderfully throughout the day and night… and although she did spit up some.. we were able to manage it well. Brooke has been my spit-up spotter and she does an excellent job!

Prayers For Today

  • Brooke is having surgery on her foot on Wednesday. Please pray for that to go well. It is outpatient here in town. Please pray for those who will be caring for our other kids at Woman’s Life and for Chris and I as we juggle caring for Ellie and Brooke.
  • Please pray for my scheduling-time-management and expectations. That I would be able to teach and train my children in righteousness faithfully and to learn how to juggle my responsibilities here in my home along with caring for Ellie. Pray for Chris and I to continue to grow closer to the Lord and make time for each other.
  • Continue to pray for the Battle of the NG tube and that we would continue to be victorious in its placement, cleanliness and comfort for Ellie.
  • I ordered a scale today to weigh Ellie. I think it may be less invasive than taking her into the doctors office often. Please pray for her to fill out and gain weight.
  • I also ask that you pray for her respiratory system to continue to do well, for it to strengthen and for her to be ready for that g-tube soon. Also long-term that she will one day be able to eat and drink without a g-tube.

Love to you all –

Chris and Charlotte


4 responses to “So Under Water Yesterday!

  1. Jonelle says:

    Praying daily Charlotte! ((hugs))

  2. charlynn says:

    Spoken from the heart. WE are praying with you on this all. Praying for Brooke to have a quick recovery too. I love the pics you keep posting with Ellie and different family members. She is one loved little girl. Thank you for being real and sharing your heart and needs with us. Praying for a great night tonight. Love ya-charlynn

    • sensiblemom says:

      Thanks Charlynn – Got in touch with three of your friends:) Thanks for letting them know about us… love you! char

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