Ellie Louise

Weekend Update – 10-7-12

on October 7, 2012

I know everyone is probably excited to know how our weekend is going. It has been busy and fabulous to have the children back. Everyone is fully dosed with antibiotics and looks well.

Auntie Nancy provides yet another wonderful hat.

Chris and I have gotten enough sleep to function and are enjoying caring for Ellie in a way I don’t think we ever have with our other children. There is no chore to it… it is a pure delight… a tangible reminder that every moment is a gift and not a right. Those of you who know me well… know that I am not a baby person. I never ask to hold other people’s babies and usually reserve all my snuggling of my own for when they are nursing. (Pretty funny that I have so many kids, huh?) But I have been so grateful for any opportunity to hold Ellie and find myself looking at our other children with new eyes. Although they do not have potentially life-threatening illnesses… we have no guarantee of any of our loved ones lives. Hold fast to your children, loved ones and friends…. our lives are but a vapor.

Thank you for all of the delicious meals and desserts. Thank you all for your outpouring of cards, letters, sweet drawings, generous gifts and support. Above all we value your prayers for Ellie… thankful for His grace on her life.

Today’s Victories

I was able to re-tape Ellie’s ng tube successfully. It had gotten funky and very loose and I was able to get it firmly in place again, a good reminder that your prayer is being answered. Thank you.

She had a nice bath, clean clothes, cord care, rub down and a nice meal…

We received a huge box of preemie clothes that will help with the 3-a-day clothing changes that come with reflux! Thank you S!

The children are willing watchers and love to sit and look at her.. that helps Chris and I to move about more freely. What a blessing.

Things to Pray About Today

Continue to pray for her growth. Please pray that we can successfully complete all of her feedings in a 24 hour period. There is so much to do.. and so little time!

Please pray for her breathing to get stronger and stronger.  The healthier she is… the better candidate she is for surgery later.

Pray for us to continue to diligent with Ellie’s reflux. It would be very easy to relax about  this because it is not happening very often. But it is so important that we catch this… thank you for praying for us to keep alert. 

I would also ask that you would pray for Chris as he returns to work this week, that we would be able support and help each other and grow stronger in the Lord as we take this journey day by day.

Love to you all,

Chris and Charlotte


10 responses to “Weekend Update – 10-7-12

  1. Terry Beach says:

    What a precious baby! You are in my thoughts and prayers. If I can do anything please call and let me know. It would be a pleasure to help you all out.

    • sensiblemom says:

      Thank you Terry – thanks for the note also that Chuck left us… we so appreciate y’all’s friendship:) Thank you for praying…….. love you char

  2. charlynn says:

    Thanks for sharing. I love Ellie’s hats. thank you again for always being real with us all. You and your family are such a blessing. we are praying for strength for you all as you start another new chapter in your lives and walk as chris goes back to work, and all the kids are home. You have so many that love you and will help you in anyway. Just say the word. Love you all. Hug the kids for me. love ya

  3. connelly01@comcast.net says:

    What a blessing – we will continue to pray and enjoy and praise God with you for all the good things and you are so right – God gives us children and grandchildren and we need to remember and enjoy and count each day with them as precious – life is precious. God be your strength and your shield.

  4. Monica says:

    Thank you for the update, Charlotte! So nice to see much of your family in church this morning. I admire and appreciate your attitude and positive focus – continuing to think of you!

    • sensiblemom says:

      Thanks Monica – I know it is because you all are praying for us. Even on a bad day like yesterday… when I couldn’t focus… I knew so many people were rooting for us… thinking of so many faithful saints praying for us … is encouraging and helped me get back on board when I fell overboard yesterday:) I love you…. hope CC is going well…. and that your family is doing well…. char

  5. I have never personally met you. However, a friend shared your story on facebook. I want you to know that we added Ellie and your family on our prayer list at church. We will continue to lift you up in prayer. My prayer for you today is that God will wrap His loving arms around you all and allow you to feel His peace and comfort as you take care of Ellie today.

    • sensiblemom says:

      Donna – Thank you so much for your kind words. Thank you for praying for Ellie and for me. Thank you for your specific prayer… I need it:) Love to you! Charlotte

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