Ellie Louise


on October 5, 2012

I am so excited to tell everyone that we can tell when Ellie is hungry now! She cries!!!!

I love the sound of her cry (when would I ever think I would say that?) because it means that her airway is clear and she is expressing a need.

Does the Lord love my cries like that? I am as helpless as this sweet infant. I need Him as desperately as she needs us. I just hide it better. I am able to camouflage my need in way that Ellie can’t.

The righteous cry, and the LORD hears And delivers them out of all their troubles.

Psalm 34:17

Thankful for answered prayer and continue to pray…

  • Chris and I were able to care for Ellie and work out a two feeding shift . We spent time together and then took turns taking a 6 hour shift of sleeping/caregiving. It worked very well last night. We ask for your prayer as our schedule fluctuates that we will be able to be flexible. When Chris returns to the road, I think that this shift-taking will also work well… as he is a natural on night-shift! Thank you to all of you that have asked about helping me during the day time… I welcome your help.. I know that I will need it:)
  • Another prayer that is being answered is that the ng-tube placement continues to hold…. please continue to pray diligently for this. It is not a huge procedure to have it put back in, but it does have a cost with the drive back and forth to Charleston, the procedure itself, the doctors and the exposure to infection at the hospital. Please continue to pray for it to stay in place until we put in the g-tube.
  • The children will be returning on Saturday. We are looking forward to seeing our wild bunch:) Please pray that they will feel well and will not be sick any more this winter! Also pray that the transition back into family life, school and routine is successful this week. I ask your prayer also for my expectations, that they will be low and flexible!
  • We continue to fall in love with little Ellie and know that the Lord has a great purpose through her in our lives. Please pray for her to gain strength, muscle tone and breathing ability. Although we cannot cure her… we do want her to reach whatever potential she has with her limitations. Pray that we will not make her an idol in our home… but a special gift to be enjoyed every day.

Love to you all….

Chris and Charlotte


7 responses to “10-5-12

  1. Jen says:


    Tell Ellie to keep up the good work and give her a big hug and kiss for us.

    Love Jen, George and Will

  2. Don & Sherry dryg says:

    We can only imagine what a beautiful sound her cries are to your ears!! Praise God for His Mercy and Love and Comfort. And for the Peace to your hearts, knowing that HE is the ONE who knit little Ellie together in your womb and HIS Plan will be accomplished. We are praying for y’all and cheering you on!!! Love you, Don & Sherry

  3. charlynn says:

    Yeah!!! Charlotte I am so thankful to hear all the God is doing. YOur heart towards Him is such an encouragement. I know they are not words but your true hearts cry and desire. Thank you for sharing with us all as you all walk through this. God is using it I know. Please hug all the kids for me. And if you ever need someone to help with night shift I would be more than happy too. I love you

  4. Renee Armstrong says:

    I continue us to pray for you, your family and Ellie! Your words are music to our ears…. She is beautiful!! And her have a special look! A look of determination , Faith and strength!!! I pray that God will continue to bless your family and give strength and comfort !!!!

  5. Renee Armstrong says:

    Oops! Her eyes have…. Is what I meant to say!

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