Ellie Louise

Going Home!

on October 3, 2012

Good morning everyone!

So excited to be taking Ellie Louise home this afternoon! Lots of challenges ahead, but we know little Ellie is loved and cherished and will have lots of support once we get back to our home, church family and extended family of brothers and sisters in Christ.

Thank you so much for continuing with us as we walk on this path God has us on. We will need all of you in the weeks, months and hopefully years as we continue with this precious little girl:)

Prayer Requests For Today

  • It is very important that Ellie’s ng tube does not come out. This is the only way she can eat for right now. If it comes out then we will have to come to Charleston to have it reinserted via radiology because of her surgical site. Please pray that we can keep it in place.
  • She has reflux which is the result of her TE Fistula and also the Trisomy 18. She is too weak to swallow and has to be watched carefully. Her heart rate and oxygen are an issue when the reflux occurs, so we have to make sure that we get the spit-up from her throat area and suction her well. She has been doing fine from recovering from these episodes in the hospital, but as we make our way home, she will not be on monitors, so we will rely on keeping a close eye on her and God’s grace.
  • Some of our kids have been sick the last couple of days. If you could please pray for everyone to be healthy and well so that they can come home… that would be a blessing:)
  • Yesterday Zachariah got leave so he could come see Ellie before she went home. It was a huge blessing to see him and to see him with her. He has held each one of our children starting with Brooke. To see him through the years smiling down on each of them makes me smile.
  • Please pray that the logistics of coming home, managing our home, completing school and being available for Zach will come together. Please pray that we can fall into a “flexible routine” as Audrey says, and work together as a family to care for each other.
Love to all of you!
Chris and Charlotte

2 responses to “Going Home!

  1. D. Rose says:

    Praise the Lord!!! We will continue lifting each one of you up to the Lord daily.

  2. Debra Gant says:

    Love this picture. Zach is a very special young man, that I have been privileged to know and to teach. Praying for Ellie and all of you. Love you………you’re my favorite!!!!

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