Ellie Louise

Prayer for Tonight

on October 1, 2012
Tonight I covet your prayer for Ellie that she would continue to breathe well and be comfortable.
She got her chest tube out this afternoon and is considerably more comfortable now without it.
We will be reinserting the ng tube so that she can get adequate nutrition, while we are still working on trying to bottle feed her.
Please pray for her ~
  • To do well tonight.
  • To gain strength day by day.
  • To breathe well on her own and have enough muscle strength to continue breathing on her own.
  • To get enough nutrition.
  • To eventually be able to eat from a bottle or gain enough strength to have a g-tube inserted into her stomach.

One response to “Prayer for Tonight

  1. Brandi says:

    Praying for her and you, Char. Thanks for updating us so regularly. She is adorable!

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